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Is Kidney failure one of the rarest side effects of Isentress intake?

Isentress is famously used as a medicine for the treatment of HIV infection. Normally Isentress is used along with other HIV medicines to keep the infection in check. Isentress usage has gained wide popularity in the medical field owing to its various benefits and advantages. The medicine is widely used for adults or children weighing below 4.4 pounds. HIV is a very serious immunodeficiency syndrome, which can prove to be fatal. Moreover, HIV is not entirely curable, which further stresses the need to use Isentress to stabilize the HIV symptoms. One can easily order Isentress 400 mg online from different e-retail stores.

Side effects of Isentress Intake

Isentress usage is associated with several complications arising in the HIV patients or regular administrators of this drug. Isentress consumption can lead to some common side effects like muscle pain, redness, swelling of eyes, inflammation, and skin irritation. Apart from that, other side effects of Isentress include ill feeling, fever, swelling of the mouth, lack of taste, eye irritation, and fatigue in some cases. Many individuals complain to feel muscle stiffness and joint pain when taking this medicine regularly. Other serious impacts of Isentress consumption include yellowing of eyes, dark colored urine, pale stools, and body ache.

Many patients also complain of feeling mild to severe gastrointestinal discomfort and abdominal pain, and uneasiness. Side effects of Isentress can further lead to various problems, and in severe cases, one might suffer from extreme skin allergic reactions, which can prove to be life-threatening or leave a scar. You should immediately consult your doctor if you face any serious side effects associated with Isentress intake. Ask for a proper prescription guideline, medicinal benefits, and impact. Talk about your ongoing prescriptions and health status with your doctor.

How is kidney failure related to Isentress intake?

Renal failure is amongst the rarest but possible side effects of anti-retroviral medicines. Kidney failure is not a common side effect of Isentress intake, but there are chances of getting a severe kidney problem. Isentress usage is known to have certain nephrotoxic effects that can worsen the renal function further. There are many issues associated with anti-retroviral drugs that interfere with the creatinine handling mechanisms of the body and affect your kidneys’ renal functions. The combination of antiretroviral therapy, chronic kidney disorder, and other treatments might introduce a new substance into your body that will influence your renal mechanism. Therefore, it is better to have proper guidance from your doctor before you take this medicine.

Dosage Instructions

Though there are many side effects of Isentress, the medicine needs to be taken in a proper prescription range to minimize its side effects. Isentress is available in different prescription ranges, namely Isentress 400 mg coated pills, Isentress 600 mg tablets, and the oral suspension. The tablets are chewable and can be swallowed whole. The maximum dosage of the medicine taken should be about 300 mg daily twice a day. Normally the suspension or tablet can be taken with or without food. Some chewable tablets are also available in orange or banana flavor. One can easily order Isentress 400 mg online or get it from other medical stores present locally.

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