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Vasograin Tablet




Vasograin tablet is widely used in the treatment and prevention of migraines. This tablet is commonly used in blocking causes of vomiting/nausea associated with the migraine. This medication works by restricting the chemical release which causes inflammation and pain. Do not buy Vasograin without prescription; tablets should be taken under the supervision of a doctor and should be consumed with food. However, you can buy Vasograin online from numerous online medical stores. Order Vasograin cod online and get the package at your doorstep.

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Benefits of Vasograin tablet

Vasograin tablets have gained broad use in the treatment of migraines. This tablet contains combinations of medicines that treat and prevent severe headaches related to migraines. Apart from prevention and treatment, the additional uses of Vasograin tablets comprise relief from pain sensations by blocking the cause chemical messengers, stops signals that cause nausea in migraine patients, uplifts your mood and boost your energy levels, prevents upset stomach and reduce the frequency of migraine headaches. As it contains caffeine, it stimulates your brain to make you feel good and carry out your day-to-day activities more efficiently.

The medication has great benefits, plus you can buy vasograin online too, but this medication has several side-effects; Vasograin side-effects are not fatal but may cause serious problems if they persist, so it is advised to never buy Vasograin without prescription.

How it works

Vasograin Tablet is a mixture of four medicines: Caffeine, Paracetamol, Ergotamine,  and Prochlorperazine, which deals with migraine. Ergotamine is an ergot alkaloid, and it works by staving off blood vessels in the head from expanding and cause headaches. Caffeine boosts the absorption of ergotamine and further lessens the widened blood vessels. Paracetamol is a pain reliever that blocks the release of certain chemicals in the brain that cause pain. Prochlorperazine is an anti-nausea medicine that comes under the antiemetic drug group; it serves by halting signals in that part of your brain which makes you nauseous.


Most of the side-effects of vasograin tablets are not that serious and do not require any medical attention. They get away as your body adjusts to the medication. However, you may consult to your doctor if they cause discomfort for a long time. Some of the most experienced side-effects are as follows :

  • Sedation
  • Orthostatic hypotension
  • Drowsiness
  • Urinary retention
  • Dryness in mouth
  • Increased heart rate
  • Constipation
  • Muscle pain

If these side effects do not go away or get worse, let your doctor know about it. Your doctor may suggest some ways for reducing or preventing the symptoms. In general, try consuming the smallest dose of medication required to control your symptoms.

How to use vasograin tablets

The amount and frequency of dose consumption should be followed according to your doctor’s advice.

Do not crush, chew or break the tablet; consume it as a whole. You must take vasograin tablet with food.

Before using this medication, you must be aware of the vasograin interactions with other medicines. Therefore, you should inform your doctor about your medical history, any current disorder or illness, other current medications etc., You should also inform your doctor if you have an alcohol problem or diseases related to the kidney or liver. Vasograin intake is highly unsafe for a pregnant woman. However, a breastfeeding woman can use vasograin for the short term under the supervision of a doctor.


You can buy vasograin online but the chances of getting a poor quality product still persists. To get genuine vasograin tabs online, Make sure to carry out your purchase from reputed manufactures only.

Check the background of the company and go through the customer reviews on respective sites.

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